How To: Read Lots of Books

Sometimes is hard to either motivate yourself or find the time to read. So with this post will inspire and give you some ideas on how you can read more!

  • Always Have a Book – Whether you are at school or on the bus, you always want to have a book on you because maybe you have a few minutes before the class starts, or the bus is late, that is great time to get some reading done! Not reading in those quick time slots is a waste of valuable reading time.
  • Read in Multiple Formats – By this, I mean eBooks, physical books and audiobooks. I prefer reading physical books, but sometimes they are too bulky to carry around everywhere so slipping my Tablet into my bag is easier. eBooks are also nice because it is darker outside you can still easily see the words on the page. Audiobooks are also great because you can listen to them while you are doing chores or walking. I love to multitask so eBooks are fantastic! You can buy them but I prefer getting them for free from the library.
  • Read What YOU Want – A lot of the time we can get caught up in what is hyped up or very popular right now and that makes us feel as if we are obligated to read that specific book whether we want to or not. Make sure you are reading something that you truly do want to read because it will make reading way better and easier than reading some book that you are forcing yourself to read. When reading books you actually enjoy, you fly through them quicker.

Those were 3 tips on how to read more books and I hope you enjoyed!

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