Reading/Writing Update!

Even though this book took me a total of 7 days to read, it was so worth it because it was fantastic! I had been wanting to read A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir which is the sequel to An Ember in the Ashes, for so long and I was definitely not disappointed! Like the first book, this one took about 75 pages for me to really get into it, but when I did I didn’t want to leave this world. It was action packed and had so many moments where I sat there, gaping at the pages. It did justice to the amazing first book and I am so, so excited to read the third one later this year! Since I finished  A Torch Against the Night, I am now going to re read Fangirl because it has been about a year since I read it and it does really deserve a re read. I love Fangirl because I find it completely relatable and heart warming and I am always in a good mood after I finish it! Hopefully I can complete it before the month is over because I am 4 book behind schedule for my reading goal…

This week has also been a very productive writing week. I have written 6000 words and am really liking where my story is going! I have thought of some alternative ways I could have approached certain scenes, but for now I am going to leave things how they are because those changes can happen in the second draft. It is really important to just write rather than rewrite and even though it is hard, I am not editing whatever I wrote the pervious day, I am just writing ahead with full steam. I haven’t written since Thursday, but hopefully tomorrow I can get a few more words in!

That was my quick reading and writing update and I hope you enjoyed!

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