Why I Am Obsessed with Contemporaries…

As you may have noticed…I am a little obsessed with contemporaries ever since I discovered the genre several years ago. The first contemporary book I read, well that I read and really tore at my heart, was Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. It was fun, thrilling, heart warming, and just a big old ball of feels! This book totally kick started my crazy obsession with YA contemporaries.

Lately I have been feeling a little uninspired because I haven’t been doing much, mainly due to the freezing weather because I would rather not go outside, freeze to death and slip on the icy sidewalks. I would much rather curl up, watch Netflix or read forever which isn’t good to do 24/7. Anyways, since I have been feeling like this, I started devouring contemporaries, especially contemporaries set in the summertime because it gets me excited for the summer. Summer is when your off school and the sun is always shining, and its just a nicer time to be outside and enjoy places like the beach or the park. I know, I know, summer is 6 1/2 months away, but that doesn’t mean I am not counting down the days! Okay, back on track. Basically what I am trying to say is contemporaries are light and fluffy reads, reminding me that it isn’t always this bad. That life isn’t always dull because it does have shining moments and I think a lot of us need that reminder. Well I do anyways.

Apart from the “contemporaries make me feel less depressed” reason, I also love them because reading about romance between to ordinary people gives me a nice and warm feeling. I can also relate to the characters more personality and life wise rather than only in appearance. It is kind of hard to relate to a super powerful witch, even if she has brown hair and eyes like I do because sadly, I cannot make anyone who annoys me disappear. Contemporaries feel more realistic and like this amazingness could one day possibly happen to me.

That was just a random little chat I wanted to had and I hope you enjoyed it, or at least found it somewhat relatable and entertaining! I have been sick the last few days, lying in bed for endless hours, so some of these thoughts came to mind and I hope they somewhat made sense. Also, let me know what kind of blog posts you want to see because I want to post what you guys want!



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