My 2017 Writing Routine!


I recently have gotten back into writing after taking about a month of a break before I started the project I am currently working on. Since January 1st which is when I started writing again, I have developed a sort of routine so I thought I would share it because it is really helpful to have a solid routine to follow when it comes to writing.

I usually begin writing around 6 or 7 in the evening and before I actually start the writing part, I skim over all my notes I have for the project I am working on so I know where I am going to write to that day and what I want to happen. I also add things that I think of or add more characters because even if they are in my project for half a scene, I love making backstories for all of my characters. Making every character have a somewhat detailed backstory can be really helpful if you do decide to make them a more primary character because then, all the planning for them is all done!

Once I finish skimming and adding to my notes, I sit down and read the last paragraph or two that I wrote so I know where I left off. This is so necessary because you can’t just start writing without knowing where you left off! When I finally finish that then I finally start writing. I aim to write a page or two a day during the school week because sometimes it is hard to find the time to write for a while. During the weekend though, or when I have lots of time, I try and reach a word count of 2,000 words. I also try to write for at least an hour but if I can’t I just try to write for longer the next day. I always tell myself that it is okay if I don’t reach my goal for the day because sometimes all you can do that day is write a sentence. If I do manage to get some writing done, I usually finish by 7:30 or 8 because since I am in high school I need to get to bed a decent time!

That is my writing routine and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last post: January 2016 Biannual Bibliothan TBR!

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