December 2016 Movie Reviews!

I watched quite a few movies in the theatre this month, and one of them came out late November but I watched it this month so I decided to add it into this post. I love watching movies so I am extremely excited to share my NON SPOILER thoughts on all the movies!

Moana – I watched this movie on Christmas day and I am so happy I decided to give this movie a shot because I absolutely adored it! I thought it was so adorable and the songs in the movie were fantastic. I really loved how independent and strong Moana was because she sets a very good example for not only young girls but really anyone. I think my favourite part of the movie though is the soundtrack because 1) it is amazing and 2) Lin-Manual Miranda wrote it so… 9.5/10 stars

Sing – I actually watched this the day after Christmas and despite being extremely tired after shopping for 8+ hours I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. I wasn’t obsessed like I am with Moana, but I did really like when all the animals auditioned and just sang. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if the animals just sang for the whole movie and that was it. 7/10 stars

Why Him – I wanted to watch this movie ever since I saw the trailer which looked hilarious and I just couldn’t resist. This movie had me, and everyone else laughing hysterically for the whole time and I loved all the actors in the movie like James Franco and Zoey Deutch who I thought were hilarious in this movie. I definitely do not recommend this movie to anyone under the age of 14 but if you are definitely go see it if you want a good laugh. 8/10 stars

Those are all the movies I watched this month and I loved all of them and cannot wait for all the new movies releases in 2017!

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