January 2017 Talk!

January is a fresh new year which means lots and lots of fantastic new books and movies. Here are all the movies and books that I am excited for and I cannot wait to finally watch/read them!


The Book of Love – I read the synopsis of this movie and it looked pretty interesting so I definitely want to give this movie a shot! It comes out January 13.

Sherlock: The Final Problem – So excited to see the epic finale of Sherlock because it such an amazing (sort of) TV series that I know for sure, will have a fantastic finale. This finale comes out on January 16 2017!


Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken – I haven’t actually completed Passengers (the 1st book in this duology) but I plan on it sometime next year. I am excited though, that the 2nd and final book in this duology is almost out! I am not going to say much about what happens but I will explain briefly what the first book is about. Passengers follows this girl named Etta, who is a talented violinist, who discovers that she comes from a line of time travelers. It is very historical and interesting and I recommend it for any history lovers! This book comes out January 3.

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth – This is a sci-fi novel written by yes, Veronica Roth of the Divergent series! I am really excited to read more from her, and I have also heard pretty good reviews so I cannot wait to pick it up. Carve the Mark is about a planet where violence is dominant and everyone who lives in this galaxy, is born with a unique gift, and while most benefit people from their gifts, they do not benefit our main characters. They then, seek to restore their gifts and the balance of power in their world. I think it has a very interesting plot and I hope it is as good as it sounds! Comes out January 17.

Caravel by Stephanie Garben – This book seems really interesting and I am really intrigued. Caravel follows a girl named Stella who has never left the island that she lives on with her sister and father. She has an arranged marriage with a guy she does not want to marry, and that ruins her dream of seeing Caraval, which only comes once a year. That is, until she meets a sailor who takes Scarlett and her sister there, only for her sister to be later kidnapped and soon Caravel becomes a competition on who can find her first. I  cannot wait to get my hands on this book which comes out January 31.

I am very excited for all these movies and books to come out and I hope you are too! If you have any other January 2017 releases that you are excited for, definitely comment below.







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