Writing Exercises

I love to write but sometimes I get stuck and need something to get my mind moving and those creative juices flowing, which I think all writers can relate to…so I have put together a list of writing exercises to help all of you needing a running start. Some of these ideas I have seen around or have made up myself!

“The Writing Game” – I didn’t know what to call this, but I have seen this on the internet for a while now and thought it was a really great way to have fun with other writers while creating a story. Basically all you do is write a sentence on a piece of paper and then pass it on to the next person who has to put down another sentence that has to do with the previous sentence. If you have a writing group or a few friends that would be willing to do this, definitely give it a try.

“One Character, Many Plots” – The title is quite self explanatory but this a great exercise if you have a story idea  and want to understand and know your main character more. This exercise will help you figure out what your character does in different situations because all you need to do is write out a bunch of different scenarios (zombie apocalypse, betrayal of a friend, fight scene…etc) and see how your character reacts in each one.

“Reality to Fiction” – This is a writing exercise to help you write before actually writing. It is a great warm up if you are planning on writing for a while, because it really gets your writing mind whirling. All you have to do is think of something that happened to you that day, or that week, and write about it…but add something to it to make it fit in the fantasy genre or the sci fi genre or any genre you would like. Example: As I rounded the corner of the street, my backpack slung over my shoulder and my books in hand, a small animal raced past me. I gasped, seeing its bulging yellow eyes and scarred, hairy face. It had long, thin arms that lashed out at me, and I backed away, before breaking into a wild sprint… As you can tell the normal part was I was walking to school, which I do everyday, but the added part was a small creature interrupting my stroll which obviously, didn’t actually happen.

“A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words” – This is also quite self explanatory but is a great idea starter. Search up interesting scenes, I recommend scenes that involve nature, and write what is happening, all while adding things that could be happening. It really gets you ready to write, and has the “story idea” part of your brain working.

These were a few writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing and I really hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Top 5 Books I Read in Fall!


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