December 2016 Talk!

I really enjoy doing these once a month because it gets me excited for all the things happening this month! December has many movies coming out (but not really any books that I am excited for) and I cannot wait only for them, but I also can’t wait to tell you all as well.


Passengers – This new sci-fi movie has Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in it so I was already sold, but it also seems like it will be a great movie. It is about these two people who are among several people who have volunteered to be put to sleep until they reach a new planet far out in space, but when they wake up 90 years too early they have to figure out why, but also figure out how to stay alive. I am honestly super excited for this movie and I do have high expectations so I am hoping that they will be met on December 21!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – I watched the other new Star Wars movie last year and I enjoyed it, but I am kind of hesitant about this one. Obviously it is set in space, but we follow other characters than the last movie and from the trailer, I am not exactly sure what the goal is…but it is Star Wars so I might as well watch it when it comes out, which is December 14!

Why Him – I have been dying to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer in theatres. It stars Dave Franco and Zoey Deutch which again, is super exciting. The movie is about this family that goes to visit their daughter and her new incredibly rich boyfriend for Christmas, and discovers that the boyfriend is going to ask the daughter to marry him…the only problem is, is that he is wild and inappropriate and hasn’t yet grown on the family too much. The trailer looks hilarious and I cannot wait to finally watch this movie which is out December 23!

Sadly, as much as I looked, I could not find any books that I was excited for that were coming out this month! Oh well, there are enough movies to make up for that at the moment which is fine by me. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading/Writing Update!

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