Writing Book Recommendations

I love reading writing books because I usually end up taking a lot from it and end up applying it to my writing. Writing books are useful and I recommend every writer to try them out so here are some recommendations to get you started, or just to supply you with some more!

Master Class in Fiction Writing by Adam Sexton – This book on writing shares great techniques from amazing writers such as Austen and Hemmingway. I personally prefer writing books that lay out the tips easily for me to see on the page so I can quickly write them down, but if you don’t mind reading this helpful writing book then definitely pick it up!

Story Physics by Larry Brooks – I gathered a lot of useful and great information from this book and overall, I was very satisfied. It goes over what makes and doesn’t make a story, how they work and what they need, and also it goes over characters, themes, structure, etc. It covers many important things and I definitely used these tips whenever I write now.

On Writing Romance by Leigh Michaels – I don’t lean towards writing romance, but most stories include a romance now so I thought it was important to learn how to expand and solidify the relationships in my stories. I really enjoyed reading this book because it went over all the clichés and cheesy things you shouldn’t do and also how to balance out the two people in the relationship you are building. Even if you are not a romance writer specifically, pick this up!

Writing Begins with the Breath by Laraine Herring – This definitely dives into the more deeper parts of writing but I think it is very important to read this book because we all need a reminder now and then to just close our eyes and breath. It also covers ways to get ourselves ready to write and how to create characters that are not perfect.

Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark – I really loved this book in particular because I gathered so much useful information from it! You get reminded to have strong words not only throughout the whole novel, but especially at the beginning and end, you learn about adverbs and adjectives more and how to use them in the best way….it just covers so much stuff that I ended writing 8 pages of notes that I found interesting or helpful!

Those are my writing book recommendations and I really encourage you all to try one of these out because they will most definitely help in some way. Also, don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading/Writing Update!

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