Writing Expectations VS Reality

Writing is not easy, and going in you can have a totally different idea of what the writing life is going to be like compared to what it actually is. Of course, any writer still loves to write despite it not always being as easy and glamourous as we hoped.

Actually Writing – Before you sit down and write, you have this massive, amazing idea in your head that you are just itching to tell. You are positive that this idea is your big idea, the one that is going to change everything…and then you actually start writing it. So you start out strong, really excited to introduce your characters and world, but as you finish that 2nd or 3rd page you start loosing the original excitement and start getting bored. Thus usually resulting in you abandoning that project.

Feedback – When you feel really confident about something you wrote, you want someone else to read it obviously. So happily, you give it to a family member or friend or even a teacher, and you just know every comment from them is going to be positive because how else could you improve this work of art? Wrong. As they finish, they start giving little comments about the flow of the story, or maybe a few grammar issues. Even though it is valuable information, and it would benefit you to take that feedback to heart, you can’t help but feel, and get defensive.

Ideas – Ideas come from all over the place and are everywhere. When you have an idea a lot of the times you think it is the big idea. The one that will truly jump start your writing career. That is until you begin planning it out, adding all the little and important details and right as you finish planning everything out, you are hit with another idea. But this one is for sure much better than the other, this one will actually set you on the right path writing wise. Let’s being honest though, probably not.

Those were a few examples of our expectations and the reality of writing! I hope you enjoyed and if you agree don’t forget to comment 🙂



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