How To: Read with a Busy Schedule

I made a post like this a few months ago but it was more of a “How To Make Time for Reading” blog post while this is how to fit in reading when you have no extra time to set aside. I feel like the first few months after summer break, for the lot of us, is very hectic so I really hope this helps anyone with a super busy schedule at the moment!

Read Multiple Books – I know a lot of people think that if they read multiple books at once they are going to get confused with what is happening with each story but honestly that shouldn’t happen. I find it hard to mix up stories, therefore finding it easy to read multiple books at once.

Read in Different Formats – By this I mean audiobooks, eBooks and regular books. I would much rather read a physical book but sometimes you can’t always lug around a big and heavy book. That is when eBooks come in handy because you can just pull out your phone or your kindle or your tablet and start reading. Audiobooks are also very helpful when driving or doing different tasks.

Read Whenever You Can – Since you have a busy schedule you got to take advantage of every single second of free time you have. Even if it is only 10 minutes between classes or while you are waiting in line, these are moments when you could read. Eventually the pages you read will add up and if you read for 10 minutes a couple times throughout the day, that could add up to almost an hour’s worth of reading.

Those are a few quick tips to help those of you with a busy schedule! Don’t forget to comment down what your favourite format of reading is (audiobooks, physical, eBooks…) because I would love to know 🙂

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