WE Day 2016

This isn’t book or writing related but I wanted to talk about an amazing and inspiring experience that I was fortunate enough to attend yesterday. So yesterday I attended a WE Day event and I can easily say it was probably the best day of my life. If you didn’t know, WE Day is an event all about promoting young people and really anyone to take charge of something they are passionate about and help make the world a better place. They talked about ways you could help people who live in poverty, don’t have access to education or have clean water and even medical care. The speakers were so inspiring and passionate about their causes and it really just made me happy to see how they were helping people who were less fortunate! Along with the fantastic speakers, we also had a few amazing artists preform for as and that was truly phenomenal. I have never been to a concert before and seeing a whole bunch of amazing artists such as Nico and Vinz, Tyler Shaw, Serena Ryder, and Olivia Holt was life changing. I honestly do not regret waking up at 3am for this and staying awake for 18 hours because it was such a huge experience and I really hope I can attend it next year!

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