How To: Come Up With Story Ideas

I really like to make these “How To” posts for writing so I thought I would do another one! This one is focused on generating ideas because sometimes that can be difficult, trust me I know. So here are some ways to get some ideas flowing and I hope it helps!

Everyday Life – Everyday life is a great way to get ideas for writing a story. You can use an event in your life to start an idea or even something you found on the ground can be the start your story. For example, I found a playing card on the ground with a cool design and it totally gave me an idea for a new story! See, ideas come from everywhere around us and we can use them if we just open our eyes.

Writing Prompts – Writing prompts are another good way to create a story idea. Search up some in the genre you write in and then keep scrolling until one really jumps out at you. I recommend not using the writing prompt word for word but twisting it slightly to make it your own!

Pictures – Hey, a picture worth 1000 words right? Very true in my opinion, but most of the time they can be even more than 1000 words. Whether its a plain picture or a highly detailed one, you can get an idea from it!

Other Stories/Books – Using elements from stories you love can really help you create a new and original idea. Emphasize on original because when you take the element do not copy it word for word! Make it your own by twisting it and changing it up. Even taking a theme from the story and changing it slightly can set you on a path to a concrete story idea.

Those are a few obvious ways to come up with story ideas but sometimes we forget that there is inspiration all around us! I hope this helped you in some sort of way and don’t forget to check out my last post: October 2016 Wrap Up!




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