Tips on Starting a Blog

I have had my blog for a bit less than a year and it was honestly one of the best things I could have done! I have met and talked to so many great people and have also really enjoyed being able to share my love for books and writing. If you are thinking of starting a blog, then definitely read some helpful tips below!

Be Active – People don’t want to follow a blog that posts once a month, let alone once a week. Try being very active and post at least 3 times a week because that will show your commitment to the blog. I post 6x a week, despite my bust schedule, because I like posting a lot and providing lots of material for all of you!

Write with Quality – I do love to write, but I am not the best with writing down my thoughts in a clear way, hence why I do not write many reviews on books or movies. But if you write and then re read your work to look for any errors it definitely improves your work! Even including pictures or a little video or even a link will up the effort you put into your work.

Be Original – Nobody wants to read a blog post similar to one they have already read, so try and be original with your work. I like to come up with my own book tags, and I also like to write about things that I wish more people wrote about. Write what you want, but twist it to make it entirely your own.

Have fun! – Running a blog should be fun, especially if it is a hobby like it is for me. You should love what you put out and enjoy the overall essence of your site. I love to share my thoughts and opinions and what I am loving so I am glad I have been able to these past 10 months!

Those are all of my tips to starting your own blog and I hope you found it useful! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Writing Book Recommendations!

Writing Book Recommendations

I love reading writing books because I usually end up taking a lot from it and end up applying it to my writing. Writing books are useful and I recommend every writer to try them out so here are some recommendations to get you started, or just to supply you with some more!

Master Class in Fiction Writing by Adam Sexton – This book on writing shares great techniques from amazing writers such as Austen and Hemmingway. I personally prefer writing books that lay out the tips easily for me to see on the page so I can quickly write them down, but if you don’t mind reading this helpful writing book then definitely pick it up!

Story Physics by Larry Brooks – I gathered a lot of useful and great information from this book and overall, I was very satisfied. It goes over what makes and doesn’t make a story, how they work and what they need, and also it goes over characters, themes, structure, etc. It covers many important things and I definitely used these tips whenever I write now.

On Writing Romance by Leigh Michaels – I don’t lean towards writing romance, but most stories include a romance now so I thought it was important to learn how to expand and solidify the relationships in my stories. I really enjoyed reading this book because it went over all the clichés and cheesy things you shouldn’t do and also how to balance out the two people in the relationship you are building. Even if you are not a romance writer specifically, pick this up!

Writing Begins with the Breath by Laraine Herring – This definitely dives into the more deeper parts of writing but I think it is very important to read this book because we all need a reminder now and then to just close our eyes and breath. It also covers ways to get ourselves ready to write and how to create characters that are not perfect.

Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark – I really loved this book in particular because I gathered so much useful information from it! You get reminded to have strong words not only throughout the whole novel, but especially at the beginning and end, you learn about adverbs and adjectives more and how to use them in the best way….it just covers so much stuff that I ended writing 8 pages of notes that I found interesting or helpful!

Those are my writing book recommendations and I really encourage you all to try one of these out because they will most definitely help in some way. Also, don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading/Writing Update!

Reading/Writing Update!

The only writing I have done this week is for my English class and even that was only one story with about 530 words on it…so basically I failed. That’s okay though because right now I am definitely going through a bad case of writer’s block and since I haven’t had any time to devote to actually ridding myself of the writer’s block, that is what this weekend is for! I have a few ideas I am bouncing around in my head but every time I get past a certain scene it stumps me so this weekend I am going to retrace my steps and see how I can approach it differently. Other than that, I am just going to try to write whenever and whatever I can.

For reading, I have read about 100 pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and am on almost page 600! I was reading last night and flipped to the end, only then realizing I had just a bit over 100 pages to go which was crazy because I have been reading this book since the beginning of the month…yeah I have been taking it really, really slow. Luckily, I have managed to read a few other things here and there to bump up my monthly book count. Anyways, my goal is to finish this book by Wednesday night of next week because that is the final day of November which means December, which also means it will be time to read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! So much Harry Potter and so much excitement.

That is all for my Reading/Writing Update and I hope you liked it! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: December 2016 TBR! and you should also comment about the book you are reading using 3 words!

Gilmore Girls Book Tag!

Since the new episodes of Gilmore Girls came out today and because I am a huge fan, I decided to do the Gilmore Girls Book Tag that is usually done on YouTube!

Lorelai – A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humor:

For this question I am going to pick Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan because Percy Jackson is the king of sass and sarcasm. He is very witty and humorous throughout the novel, especially to people he shouldn’t be, and is just a great character to follow throughout the books like Lorelai is in Gilmore Girls.

Rory – Favourite classic:

I don’t read many classics but I have started Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and really am enjoying it so I will go with that! Despite not having completed the book, I have seen several different adaptations of the novel and liked all of them.

Luke – A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit:

I am not really afraid to admit my love for a book but there is a genre that I sometimes feel embarrassed at how much I love and that is contemporary. Not just like any contemporary books though, I love the cheesy and cliché ones just because I find them adorable. I read so many of them, probably more than the average person honestly and cannot get enough no matter how similar their plots all are…

Lane – A musical character:

There are quite a few musical characters but I am going to have to go with Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare because Simon is awesome. In the series, he plays in a band that can never decide on a name and I just love how Cassandra Clare always manages to keep talking about the band despite all the crazy stuff going on in their world.

Dean – Your first book love (a character or book you first loved):

My first chapter book series I fell in love with was Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan but before that I was obsessed with the Geronimo Stilton books so that will be my answer. I read Geronimo Stilton for about 2 years before moving onto more challenging books but I absolutely loved reading all of them. I wasn’t a huge reader when I read these but these were the only books someone could get me to read.

Sookie – A book you’ve devoured:

I have devoured many, many books in one sitting or one day but one that always comes to mind when I think of this is Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. When I got this book in the mail last October, I sat down and just read for hours and hours because I couldn’t get enough. Eleanor and Park is honestly a fantastic book that I think everyone should read and can read in one sitting.

Jess – A book you love that gets the most hate:

People don’t hate on these books but a lot of people have issues with this whole series but honestly, I love every single book in it and that is The Selection by Kiera Cass. I do see the flaws in these books but I don’t even care because I love the characters and the whole idea of these books so much.

Miss Patty – A book that was ruined by the hype:

This is a no brainer for me and that is Passengers by Alexandra Bracken. I bought this book just after it came out because I heard great things from everyone on social media. All the buzz about this book heightened my expectations but when I read it I could barley get through the first 200 pages. I will try to finish it one day but for now, the hype has ruined it for me.

Emily Gilmore – An expensive book:

Hands down Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the most expensive book on my shelf. I got it as a birthday present but it was almost $30 which is absolutely crazy. Especially after hearing all the mixed reviews I can’t believe it is that much. I haven’t gotten to it yet but in February I should start it.

Paris – An uptight character.

Katniss has a pretty good reason to be uptight, but she still is a hard person to like. She is a very protective person and will do anything for her sister and everyone else she loves, but that also leads her to not being a super fun and easy person to be around.

Those are my answers of the Gilmore Girls Book Tag and definitely comment if you too are obsessed with Gilmore Girls and are excited for the new episodes!




December 2016 TBR!

December is almost here and I am honestly so excited because December means winter, Christmas and Christmas Break which means more time to read! I cannot wait to get to all these amazing books so here they are…

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas – I began this book in September but ended up putting it down for some reason. Now, I really would like to complete it before 2017 and since winter break is the perfect time to read this specific book…I am going to finish it. The first book in this trilogy, A Court of Thorns and Roses, follows a girl named Feyre who as punishment for killing a faerie disguised as a wolf, is forced to live among the faeries and give up her life in the mortal realm. These books are very action packed and steamy and are perfection exploding on pages!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling – I am almost done Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and almost right away will be shifting into the 6th book! I am really excited to jump into this book because it is definitely one of my favourites in the series because it holds some of my all time favourites scenes. I am sad though, that I am almost done re reading the Harry Potter series but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead – I love Vampire Academy and I am really pumped to start the Bloodlines series because I heard it is almost as good. All I know is that we follow Sydney and Adrian which is awesome, but also a very unusual pairing in my opinion…anyways, this is another book I would like to complete before 2017 so fingers crossed it actually happens!

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – I have always wanted to pick up this series but never had the urge to until I had a gift card to the bookstore and saw this book right in front of me. Now, I am so excited to jump into this series and its fandom and hopefully, I will get to do that this month. If not that’s okay because there is always 2017 to complete it but I am hoping to be able to finish this before the new year.

Those are all the books I have planned to read in December, and despite the fact that the first 3/4 of December will be hectic, I am hoping to get a lot of reading done the week before I return to school. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie Review (Non Spoiler)!





Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie Review (Non-Spoiler!)

fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-themI recently watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and if you didn’t know, this movie takes place before the events of the Harry Potter series and it takes place in the late 1920’s. I am really excited to share my NON SPOILER thoughts and feelings about this movie and I hope you enjoy!

Seeing that Warner Bros sign with the familiar, eerie Harry Potter music brought back so many memories and it was just a fantastic start to the film. We start off with introductions of the characters who are each individually amazing and unique. I have to say my favourite characters were Newt, who is the character’s point of view we follow and also Jacob, his muggle “sidekick”. Before going into the film, I had pretty medium expectations and I had the idea that it would start off slow but the beginning was anything but slow! It was funny and fast paced and had me interested as they threw us into the middle scenes. I didn’t expect this but there were some hilarious moments throughout the film that were absolutely priceless, and they honestly made the film 10x better. The ending was great, and made me squeal with excitement because of how it ended, and because it got me super excited for the next upcoming movies! Overall the film exceeded my expectations and I am itching to run back tot he theatre to watch it again…but anyways I highly recommend you to watch this movie whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not because it is honestly a magical experience. After thinking about it for a bit, I had decided to give this film a 9/10 stars because it was just amazing and entertaining and I couldn’t ask for much more!


Reading/Writing Update!

This week was semi busy but I did manage to get some writing and reading done which makes me very happy. Despite how hopelessly behind I am in NaNoWriMo, I still try to write as much as I can. I’ve wrote several different things this month, mostly because I have had to write many stories for my English class but overall, I managed to write 3000 words this week. I am writing 2 different stories at the moment, and I am trying to decide which one to continue on with…I am hoping to figure that out this coming week. Again, my goal for this coming week is 5000 words and I am hoping I can reach that!

Now for reading, I am still currently reading and loving Harry Potter and the Phoenix by JK Rowling. I am on page 486 so just over halfway through and I am hoping to finish this week since November will be almost over and I will be starting Half Blood Prince which I am also super excited for. I would also love to continue on with a Court of Mist and Fury this month or next month because I am hoping to complete it before the New Year. I have also been on the hunt of a new contemporary book to read this week and am leaning towards another Sarah Dessen book…if you have any recommendations please leave them below! So far I have read Just Listen, Along for the Ride, Saint Anything and Someone Like You. Other than that, I am really enjoying what I am reading and cannot wait to get lots of reading done next month because it will be Christmas Break!

That is all for my Reading/Writing Update and I am sad that I am not where I want to be with my writing at the moment but sometimes you have slower months so I will just push through whatever writers block I am going through and try to start writing daily again!

November Book Haul

I know that there is still 13 days left of November but honestly, I am not planning on buying ANYMORE books because Christmas is right around the corner. Anyways, here are the books that I purchased this month!

Hammer of Thor By Rick Riordan – I wasn’t planning on purchasing Rick Riordan’s new book until December but I ended up finding it on sale so I just had to get it! I really enjoyed the plot and characters in the first book, Sword of Summer and excited to continue on with this Norse mythology filled world, because who doesn’t love mythology?

Silver Linings by Matthew Quick – I never really indented to buy this book but when I found it for less than a dollar I honestly couldn’t turn that down. I am glad that I bought this book because it deals with mental illness and it is important to have books about different struggles such as mental illness on your shelf. I also have heard great things about this novel and the movie so I am hoping to get to it sometime soon!

Night Film by Marisha Pessl – Again, I found this book for super cheap and I have heard good things about this mystery novel and even though I haven’t read much mystery I am really excited to try it out! This book is also very unique because it is told in multimedia formats which I love, and wish books had more of!

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella – At the beginning of the month, I went to this awesome used book sale and scored a TON of books for cheap and this was one of them! I have heard about this book a lot on social media and also I have seen the movie around so I am happy to finally have my hands on it!

Across the Universe by Beth Revis – I also got this at the book sale, and even though I don’t really know what it is about, the cover was just really pretty…I do know that it is a sci-fi novel and after reading the back I got really excited to read it! I don’t know when I will get to it because of my growing TBR but hopefully I will get to it sometime next year.

Champion by Marie Lu – I have read this entire trilogy, but do not own any of the other books besides Champion now. Eventually I will collect the rest of the series but for now I could only find the last book for a decent price so… yeah. I really liked the Legend trilogy but I would have to say the last book is my least favourite but I am still happy to own it!

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead – I think for the past 4 months I have been slowly collecting the Vampire Academy series and I finally found the 5th book at a used book store and I was so happy! Now I just need to keep an eye out for the final book and I will have the complete set. I adore the Vampire Academy series, it is fun, thrilling and amazing and cannot wait to give it a re read sometime soon.

A Novelist’s Commonplace Book by Michael Crawley – I always wanted to own a writing book rather than always boring them from the library, and I was super excited to finally have one…until I opened it up and realized it is mainly just a book about different verbs and techniques. I still find it helpful but it is more of a handbook than the craft type of book I was hoping for.

I bought so many books this month but I am pretty sure all 8 of them only cost me $20 altogether which is awesome. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and don’t forget to check out my last one: Reading and Writing Goals!

Reading and Writing Goals

So as I mentioned before, I am participating in NaNoWriMo and it has just been downhill since day 1! I have been extremely busy with work and school which means no time for writing and barely enough time for reading. I have luckily, managed to write 10,000 words but I just want to restart what I have written, forget about the pressure of NaNoWriMo and just start fresh. I have to write a story for my English class so after that, I am planning on writing out a story that I have been thinking of for a while and I am super excited to get it down in words! I’ve been wanting to write a complete novel for a while because I usually stick to short stories so we shall see how this goes. Basically my writing goal for the rest of November is too write as much as I can which can hopefully be a bit more than 10,000 words…hopefully that isn’t too much to ask.

Reading wise I actually haven’t been doing too bad. This month I have already completed 2 books and am almost halfway through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I have been reading it for like over 2 weeks now but as I sad, I’ve been busy but I also want to savour all of its perfection and make it last a long time considering I only have 2 books left to re read in this series. Although, I would like to finish this novel by the end of November but while I am reading that I also want to start reading Bloodlines by Richelle Mead so I might start that as well this weekend…

Anyways those are some of my writing and reading goals for the rest of November and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last post: Top 5 Contemporary Books!

Top 5 Contemporary Books

I only started really getting only contemporary this year and now I am obsessed. Contemporary books are so much fun to read and are feel good books which I personally love. Anyways, here are my top 5 favourite contemporary books!

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins – I absolutely adore this book and can never get enough of it. We follow Lola Nolan, a fun and out there girl who believes not in fashion but in costume. She has a great boyfriend and just a generally good life but that is all flipped upside down when her first love, Cricket Bell, moves back next door and changes everything. This is a really sweet and heart warming love story that is something a lot of people can relate to character and plot wise.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han – I read this book recently and it instantly became one of my favourite books. Jenny Han just has an amazing writing style that flows really nicely and is pleasing to read. In this book, we follow a very sentimental character named Lara Jean who writes love letters to every boy she has loved before, but when those letters mysteriously get sent out and is sent to her current love, she quickly forms a fake relationship to spare herself the embarrassment. I love all the characters in this book and everything about this book is just perfection.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – This book actually ties in to Lola and the Boy Next Door but until that part, it is an entirely different story. Instead of Lola we follow Anna who by her father, is sent away to Paris to attend a boarding school, and there she meets an interesting group of friends including a boy named Etienne. Instantly she finds herself falling for him but pushes that aside but she learns it is harder than she thought. This story is frustrating (in a good way) and plays with your heart but overall is truly amazing.

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson – Since You’ve Been Gone is different from other contemporaries I have read because it includes a bucket list/scavenger hunt which makes the story that much better. Since You’ve Been Gone is about a girl named Emily who’s best friend Sloane suddenly disappears, leaving behind only a summer bucket list. Out of desperation, Emily goes off to complete this list, hoping it will lead her to Sloane, but along the way makes some new friends. The adventure the characters go on in this story is just so much fun to follow and really gets you wanting to create a fun bucket list to complete.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – I haven’t met one person who has read this book and said they didn’t like it. In this book, we follow Cath who is very reserved and shy as opposed to her twin sister Wren, as they go off to their first year of college. Once they are there, Cath meets her roommate Raegan and her friend, Levi who help Cath out of her bubble of insecurity and fear. I think one reason why everyone loves this story is because it is relatable. A lot of people have social anxiety like Cath and it is something that definitely needs to be in more books!

Those are my top 5 favourite contemporaries and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last post too: Writing Expectations VS Reality!