Fall TV Shows

This post isn’t really about new TV shows coming out in the fall, but just shows to watch during the fall! These shows either give off a really cozy feeling or a spooky and more creepier vibe that is perfect for October!

The Vampire Diaries – Okay, a lot of people think the Vampire Diaries is cheesy and while it is a tiny bit, it actually is a great TV show. I think its a good TV show to watch during the fall time, especially October because it has vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures that makes it eerie. If you like Twilight or Teen Wolf and you haven’t checked this show out yet you need to!

Gilmore Girls – Gilmore Girls is a feel good TV show that just makes you feel all cozy and comfy. Obviously it has a few Halloween episodes but just the whole show gives me a fall vibe. Even if it’s not fall you should still watch this TV show because it is amazing and very, very addicting!

Once Upon a Time – This show is definitely on the darker side of things. It is filled with fairy tales that intertwine and has characters that are so complex and just plain awesome! While watching this, you find yourself falling for the darker characters more often with the “good” characters.

Stranger Things – I actually just completed the first season and oh my god. This show is so creepy and eerie that I had to watch during the daytime, but I couldn’t stop watching it! People go missing, creatures come out of walls, and there is a fantastic cast of very talented young actors that really make the show as amazing as it is.

Those are a few TV recommendations and I hope you liked them! If you have any more don’t forget to comment 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fall TV Shows

  1. I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls and I agree. It’s a great show and it’s best to watch it during Fall or Winter.


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