NaNoWriMo Prep #2

So it is week 2 of preparing for NaNoWriMo and here are some more tips and ideas to help make your planning easier!

Things to Ask Yourself When World Building:

What’s the background history of your world?

What makes your world unique?

What is happening in your world?

Why is this happening in your world?

How do the characters affect your world?

What does your world look like?

These are a few important questions to at least think about and then expand on. You want to make sure you know and plan out as much as you can about your world, even if you aren’t telling all of it in your story. You always have to know more about your world than your readers.

After expanding on these questions, I really recommend mapping out your world and its social system, especially if your doing fantasy or sci-fi. Even if you are doing contemporary or something that doesn’t have a super crazy landmarks it is a good idea. You could even map out your character’s favourite coffee shop. It helps.

For example, I am creating a fantasy novel and mine has a magical world along with a magic system. What I am going to do is get a white board and draw out a map of my world along with the magic system so it is all organized and right there for me to see it!

Anyways, those are some tips and ideas for world building and I hope all of your planning is going well!

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