All About My Writing

I decided to answer a few common questions about my writing and I hope you enjoy!

How Do I Plan My Stories? – Personally, I use a notebook to plan my stories and I start off with writing about a paragraph of a synopsis, going over roughly what is going to happen. After, I loosely plan out the beginning, middle and end before moving onto characters where I spend quite a bit of time. I list their traits, likes/dislikes, fears, family, etc and then when I finally finish that I move onto building the world and then planning out the scenes!

When Do I Write? – I prefer to write during the night, like once the sun has set and it is dark outside. When I write during the day I get too distracted by what is going on outside and end up not being proud of the words I’ve written. During the night though, its calmer and I find myself getting into the “writing zone” easier.

What Genre Do I Prefer to Write In? – I don’t like to limit myself to 1 or 2 but I tend to stick to sci-fi and fantasy. I do write in other genres but I feel like at the moment, those are the ones I enjoy writing in the most and feel the most confident in. That could change though so we will see!

How Do I Make Time to Write? – Lately I have found it difficult to find a good chunk of time to write since my school has begun picking up the pace, but when you enjoy something you have to make time. I try to stick to a schedule that I made which is to try and get all my homework and anything else I need to get done right after I come home so I don’t have to worry about finding time later. On the days I work in the evenings I find it harder but still try to write as much as I can before bed.

What Are My Plans With Writing? – I definitely do not have a concrete plan of where I want to go with my writing but this is the idea. After I finish high school I would like to go to college and focus on my writing and maybe play with some novel ideas. I am hoping by the time I am done college I will have at least a draft of a novel and the dream is to get it published! These are high hopes but you have to believe in yourself and aim high which is exactly what I am doing.

Those are a few common questions about my writing and I hope you found it interesting and maybe relatable!



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