Reading Update!

I am a complete mess right now. School has completely taken over  life and I have only been able to read when I am like half asleep…needless to say, I have gotten some reading done lately so here is what’s going on with that!

So as I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am re reading a Harry Potter book a month in preparation for me to read the 8th book. The other day I started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I am on page 50 I believe. I love reading Harry Potter, especially in the cooler months and it just makes me feel happy and less stressed out from my daily life. After this I am hoping to finish A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas because it is such  beautiful, entertaining book that I need to finish ASAP! Apart from reading, I have also been writing a lot lately because of contest deadlines and whatnot. I really recommend entering online writing contests if you enjoy writing. There are ones for fiction, non fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and really any genre and style. I really enjoy entering these because I always grow as a writer with each piece of work I submit.

That was a mini update in my reading and a tip if you like writing so I hope you liked it and found it somewhat interesting! Don’t forget to check out my last post and keep your eyes out for my next one 🙂

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