Reading/Blog Update!

I have been quite inactive recently for a few reasons. One, because I am still getting into my school routine so hopefully that will be figured out my next week. Two, because I have been trying to get a whole bunch of writing done before a specific deadline and that is FINALLY all done. And three, because I have been trying to pick up the pace with reading. I am going to take this coming weekend to plan out some more blog posts and on Monday I will be back with my regular posting schedule!

Anyways, now onto reading. Okay, so I am currently reading Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier which is the third and final book in the Ruby Red trilogy which is fantastic by the way! I am halfway through and am currently loving it so much! I definitely recommend this trilogy to really anyone. It has time travel in it too which is very epic. After Emerald Green I am going to finish A Court of Mist and Fury. I didn’t stop because it was bad, it was anything other than bad, but it is massive and takes a lot of willpower to read! I also wanted to complete the Ruby Red trilogy so I obviously couldn’t read both at once because that would get very confusing…


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