Writing Tips #5

Writing Tip #1: Feeling writer’s block trying to creep up on you or you just don’t have any good ideas? Search something like “Creative Writing Picture Prompts” find a picture, and then write a story of whatever is happening in that picture. This can get your ideas flowing and maybe the picture is a story idea for you.

Writing Tip #2: The 3 Layers of the Story Development Process:

  1. The search for the story which is based on a spark of an idea that then evolves into something bigger.
  2. The design of the story.
  3. The execution and polishing of the story into a final draft.
    (Found from the book: Story Physics)

Writing Prompt of the Day: A new reporter uncovers a story that was forgotten over time.

Writing Quote of the Day: “Creativity is an act of defiance.” – Twyla Tharp

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