Things Only Writers Will Understand

I was browsing my social media the other day and up came a whole lot of posts about things that only writers would understand. They were very relatable and funny so I decided to share them with you guys because you writers will definitely be able to relate!

Writing is Addicting – This is so true. There are some days where we can not for the life of us write but once we do, its full steam ahead to Neverland. Some days, I could write for hours but I always have to stop myself after a certain amount of words because I realize half of what I was writing was in gibberish and crap. It’s addicting though.

Checking Social Media Instead – Are you ever writing and then all of the sudden find your self scrolling through your Tumblr or Twitter feed? Yeah, I can relate with you on that one. Sometimes if I am not really feeling the scene I seem to gravitate towards my social media. Some of the times its okay though because I will be looking at writing accounts for tips and motivation but other times I am looking at funny fail videos…A tip to help prevent this is to find one of those blocking websites to block off all your social media websites for a certain amount of time. It will help trust me!

Self Doubt – Every single person on this planet deals with self doubt, and especially writers. Every time I write there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me that everything I am writing is absolutely terrible. Some days I am able to block out that annoying voice but others days I listen to it and you really shouldn’t. When you start doubting your own work that is bad because you need to keep your confidence to finish. A tip I have is just to keep writing, even if it is actually bad just don’t stop. Finish what you started.

Telling People You Are a Writer – This is one of the most annoying things ever, especially when telling people that don’t read or do anything remotely close to things literature related. Even though I am only 15 I get asked how many books I’ve written and how many books I’ve gotten published. Like thanks for your vote of confidence but now I have to tell you I don’t have anything finished or widely known published. There reaction is usually something like, oh, and then awkward silence. To try and avoid the awkwardness, you can just say you are an aspiring writer because if they know what aspiring means they probably won’t ask. Some most likely still will though.

Your Google Searches – Let me tell you that I have searched up some…interesting things while writing different stories and sometimes I’m worried I could be hunted down for it. Like no, I did not search up “The Sharpest Ninja Swords” because I want to dice someone into tiny pieces. I searched it up so that my character in my book could dice someone into tiny pieces. I really have no tip to avoid this because you have to find answers to your weird questions somewhere.

Those are 5 things that only writers will understand and I hope you enjoyed it!


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