Other Things I Like to Do…

I love to read and write but there are other things I enjoy doing as well! Maybe not as much though…Anyways, I just thought this would be a fun little blog post to do and I hope you like it 🙂 Don’t forget to comment your favourite non-reading related activity!

Sports – It is really important to be active and sadly, not be reading all the time so I have taken up a few sports in the last couple years. I love to play soccer and badminton and I also swim but recently I have gotten into tennis and running! Running is just really good for your health and I am also trying to be a tiny bit healthier so…yeah. I really encourage all of you to pick up some sort of exercise whether that is tennis, swimming or even walking. You will just feel 10x better 🙂

Collaging – I never really enjoyed the regular drawing and painting type of art because let’s be honest, I’m just not very good at it. I am, however, in love with collaging which is kind of weird. Again, I’m not that good at it but I just find it more enjoyable and fun for me compared to drawing or painting. Art is a really great hobby to have just because it lets you escape in a different way than reading does!

Crafting – I am obsessed with anything DIY (do it yourself). I just find it so much fun creating different home décor pieces, revamping old notebooks, and really anything creative like that! It’s also amazing because you can go on YouTube or Pinterest and search up so many different DIY’s to do. There is an endless amount of possibilities and I never get bored of them!

Those are a few different hobbies that I am currently focusing on but I have been trying to start more hobbies like learning new languages and knitting which is actually way more fun than I thought. Anyways, I really hope you liked it 🙂





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