Books I Won’t Ever Read…Probably

I was looking at my shelf earlier this month and I realized there are quite a few books I have that I most likely will never read.

Blank by Trina St. Jean – I am not entirely sure what this book is about but I’m pretty sure it is about a girl who was in a car accident and she goes into a coma. It reminds me a lot of If I Stay which I really liked! The reason I probably won’t read this anytime soon is because I was never anticipating it and I didn’t even buy it out of interest I actually won it in a writing competition along with a few other books you will see on this list…if you have read it though, tell me your thoughts on it!

Three Little Words by Sarah Harvey – Out of all the books on this list I may read this one just because I have seen it at other book stores and I actually have heard a few good things about this book. I have no idea what it is about and for right now, I don’t think I will be reading it soon but one day I will give it a try and hopefully I like it!

About That Night by Norah McClintock – I tried reading this book but I honestly just couldn’t get into it. I wasn’t a big fan of the characters or the way the story was told but it did have an interesting concept I thought. I don’t think I will be picking this book up but don’t let that stop you from reading it!

The Bone Collector’s Son by Paul Yee – This book seems really eerie and different but I just don’t have the motivation to pick it up anytime soon but maybe that will change! I know it has something to do with bones, and dead (I think) relatives so if that interests you you should definitely check it out!

Those are some books I probably won’t ever read but if you were interested in reading them don’t think I am saying they are bad because I am just saying that they aren’t really my type of books!


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