How To: Have a Good School Year

I know this is different from the usual book/TV related blog posts I do but for a lot of us school has or is going to start and it can be very stressful. So, in this blog post I hope to help ease a little of that stress off all of you so you can enjoy the school year! Hope it helps!

  1. Take breaks – School consists of a lot of mental power and hard work so it is extremely important to take breaks. Every week, take at least one afternoon after school for yourself. Just spend a few hours by yourself whether that is you binge watching your favourite TV series on Netflix, taking a long walk or reading. TIP: When studying, take a 5 minute break every 25 minutes and then on every third break take a 20 minute break. This will help your mental focus a lot!
  2. Be Involved – Get involved with your school! Join a sports team or a club, just anything that connects you more to your school. Trust me, it feels great to show that you are a part of your school because clubs and teams can introduce you to new friends and will take away some of the stress of school.
  3. Stay Positive – I always struggle with this step around halfway through the school year because by then, a lot of us are just done with school, people, and work. The important thing is to not focus on the negative aspects of school but the positive ones. That may be a class that you really enjoy, your friends, a club that you are in or just lunch time when you can relax. It is important to find the things you like in school and stick with those things.
  4. Write It Down – I love to write so I have been trying to do this lately in preparation for the school year. Writing down your day or your feelings everyday will take a weight off your shoulders and will just make you feel better. Sure, this step isn’t for everyone because some people can’t bring themselves to write in a journal but it will help for certain people!
  5. Be Organized – Staying organized is so important because it will just make the school year that much easier. By staying organized you won’t have any surprise tests, lost papers or anything that you don’t expect. Writing things down in a notebook or planner and keeping all loose papers in a binder will help bring your stress level down several notches. Trust me.

Those are 5 different steps/tips to help keep your school year stress free and easy! Trust me, if you follow at least one of these you are on the right track to a better, happier school year.

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