Ways to Get Paid for Writing

Being a writer is tough, and sometimes getting good pay is difficult. Because of this, I came up with a list of different ways to get paid by writing (aside from being a published author)!

Freelance Writer – Being a freelance writer is a great way to get paid for writing. You can have the opportunity to write for magazine’s and so many other things. This is just a great way to pay the bills while you are trying to become a published other, or if you want another job that isn’t being  a published author.

Writing Competitions – I personally love writing competitions! They are a great way to make some pocket cash for doing what you love, writing. There are writing competitions for short stories, novels, novellas, etc, etc, and a lot of the time the prizes are a good chunk of money. I try to steer towards contests with no entry fee because some writing contests that have an entry fee may be a scam.

Editor or Proofreader – You aren’t exactly a writer, but you are fixing up somebody else’s work, and are still making some money. If you are a good editor I highly recommend doing this part time!

Those are a few ways to get paid besides becoming a published author and I hope you liked it!


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