Camp NaNoWriMo Update #1

Okay so Camp NaNoWriMo officially starts the day after tomorrow but I will be computerless the first 4 days so I have decided to start now so I am not behind. If you didn’t know, my book is a sci-fi book and I am really excited to continue on with it! I have begun my prologue which is only 2 pages long but I am looking to make it longer. I found my prologue difficult to write just because I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with it. Some advice that really stayed in my mind while writing it was to start your story in the middle of the action because otherwise it is boring, so that is what I did. I’m satisfied with my current prologue but once I am completely finished my novel I will go back and fix it, along with the rest of my novel. Anyway that was a small update and I hope all of you participating in NaNoWriMo are super excited like I am!

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