Things Readers Want to See in Novels

I was planning out my novel for NaNoWriMo and I was thinking about what readers want to see when they are reading a book. So basically in this post I will be sharing some advice on things that lots of readers like to see when they are reading books!

When a Character Has Flaws – This is one of the most important ones because us readers like knowing that the characters are not perfect so we can relate to them more. Having relatable characters is a key factor to novel writing because it lets your readers connect with your story on a personal level. Things that make your characters “flawless” are having perfect skin, amazing personality and no problems which just isn’t realistic. We want to see characters have acne or pimples and doubt themselves sometimes just because we all do that as well.

Real Life – When I mean “real life” I mean going to the bathroom, having their period and just other things that we go through daily! For example, in the Hunger Games…when did they ever use the bathroom? I know its kind of gross but you would be surprised by how many people want things like this to be included into a novel because again, it makes it more realistic.

Hobbies and Likes – The few times we do get to see characters with hobbies are when the hobbies are either art, music or reading and it gets repetitive when characters have the exact same hobbies in every book! Change it up. Maybe your character enjoys coding or architecture or just something out of the ordinary. Another tip for this category is make sure your character sticks with that hobby throughout the book, don’t just let them forget about it because of all the crap that is going on around them. Like sure, you can’t exactly practice your soccer skills when you are in the middle of a battle but your character can still think and long for their hobby!

Those are a few key things to think about when you are writing a novel because those are what readers want and enjoy seeing! Anyways, I hope this helped you with your writing journey and let me know if you guys enjoy these writing advice and tip blog posts!



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