Hyped Up Books

A lot of the books that I read that are or were hyped are really good but sometimes you expecting so much from a certain book because everyone keeps obsessing and raving about it, but when you actually read it, it just lets you down. I understand why books are hyped up though, I mean, you really like a book so you want to talk about it with other people but sometimes it takes away from your reading experience which sucks. One book that was super hyped up that I read was Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige which I ended up not really enjoying because I was expecting so much more. The book has a great concept though and I wish I could have loved it so I will be giving it another try just because I will not give into the will of hyped up books!

This was just a mini rant because I recently read a hyped up book that I didn’t enjoy so anyways I hope you guys found this entertaining!

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