Reading Update

So I decided to do a reading update just because I love what I am reading right now! I am currently reading Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi which is the final book in the Shatter Me trilogy which is AMAZING! If you like dystopian than I highly recommend this to you. I am really sad to be almost done the series but I just want to know how things play out soooo badly that I am zipping through the book. I am also reading The Heir by Kiera Cass because the Crown just came out and I want to refresh my memory of Eadlyn’s selection before I jump into the final book. I have a feeling I know how it is going to play out and I hope it does end up the way I think but kind of not at the same time…does that make sense?

Anyways, I am sure some of you are wondering how I can read 2 books at the same time and I actually don’t know. I have read up to 4 books at once one time and it wasn’t hard or anything. For some reason I remembered where I was in each story and I didn’t get anything confused. Even though I can read multiple books at the same time (not literally at the same time) I prefer to read only one at a time.



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