Books or Movies?

There are many, many amazing books out there in the world but there are also many amazing movies too…so which one is better?

In my opinion, with the exception of a few, I prefer books just because you can let your creativity fly. You get to imagine what the characters look like, the setting and it is like a movie playing in your head. As much as I find movies entertaining, I would have to choose books. With a lot of book to movie adaptations things take a turn for the worse or something isn’t portrayed correctly and it just makes you sad. But, when you read the book, you only get disappointed if its a bad book. It doesn’t have to follow something that was already created like a movie. There are some exceptions though, where I would choose movies over books. For example the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings books just because they are so old and complex that it is hard for me to understand and focus on.

That was just a short little blog post and I hope you liked it! Comment your opinion below!

One thought on “Books or Movies?

  1. I agree. I love watching movies but always preferred books. The freedom of creativity that they enable is amazing. I love imagining how a character looks and sounds etc. And also where it takes place!! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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