Miley Cyrus Book Tag (Original)

I was watching a bunch of booktube videos lately and I was like, hey, I should make a book tag. Since Taylor Swift has a book tag I was thinking of some other artists that have songs that I could turn into questions and I realized how many Miley Cyrus had so here it is and I hope you like it!

  1. 7 Things I Hate About You – Name one character that you could easily list 7 things you hate about them…

For this answer I am going to have to go with Umbridge from Harry Potter because who couldn’t list 7 different reasons why you hate her? She’s terrible.

2. See You Again – Name one character that you want to learn more about since they didn’t get a lot of book time…

For this one I am going to have to say Ty from Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare because he is just so mysterious and I want to know what makes him the way he is! Hopefully in her next books it will tell us.

3.The Climb – Name one book that was a long climb, but you loved in the end…

I am going to have to say Cinder by Marissa Meyer because at first its a bit slow but by the end I was totally in love with the book.

4. Can’t Be Tamed – Give one book that was a wild ride and just couldn’t be tamed…

Honestly I am going to have to say Lady Midnight because it was just a whole roller coaster ride of emotions and it just wouldn’t stop.

5. Do My Thang – List one character that just doesn’t care what people think  and is always doing their thang.

I am going to say Magnus Bane from the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare because Magnus is just an awesome character that does whatever he wants and isn’t ashamed.

6. Forgiveness and Love – Name a character that even after everything they have been through you will forgive and love them…

I am going for yet another Cassandra Clare character and that is Sebastian Morgenstern from the Mortal Instruments series…ok, yes I know he is evil and that he is disgusting butttt that is only because his father made him that way so yes I would forgive and love him if he switched back to normal.

7. G.N.O (Girls Night Out) – Name 3 characters that you would like to have a girls night out with…

So for this one I am going to say…Anna from Anna and the French Kiss, Clary Fairchild from TMI and Katy from the Lux series.

8. Goodbye – Name one book series/trilogy or stand alone that you were just done with…

Ugh, I feel so bad for saying this but I am going to go with Passengers by Alexandra Bracken just because for some unknown reason I cannot get into it!

9. Obsessed – Share that one character that you have just been obsessed with since the beginning…

Ok, I  am going with Jace Herondale from TMI just because he’s super hot, sarcastic and just amazing so…why not?

10. Wrecking Ball – Name one character who is a wrecking ball and just destroys everything they touch…

I am to have to go with Juliette from Shatter Me because well, her touch literally kills so it makes sense.

That was my original Miley Cyrus tag and if you do use it please give credit to me (!

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