Making Time for Books

A lot of us readers are in school at the moment. Whether it’s Elementary, Middle School, High School or college or university. The point is sometimes we don’t have enough time to read! Basically this entire post is about how to make time to read and fit it into your schedule.

In Between Classes: This is an easy way to fit some reading time in. If you are early to a class, or you have finished your work early then make sure you have a book to read! I always carry around a book with my just in case.

Audio Books: If you don’t have enough time to physically pick up a book and read it then audio books might be good for you. Sometimes, when I am doing homework I can listen to something while doing it (as long as its just an easy assignment). Personally I don’t really use audio books but I know a lot of people who listen to them and they say it is a great way to read the book if you have a busy schedule!

Setting aside a specific time: This tip is key because everyone has a different time they prefer to read at. It may be right when you wake up, or at lunch or right before you go to bed. The point is, is that you need to set aside a specific time everyday to read. I do most of my reading before I go asleep just because I am more relaxed and it is easier for me to focus on my book.


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