Things that Annoy Readers

There are some things that people say or do that annoys readers and I am going to discuss those certain things with you. If you can relate to any one of these you are not alone…trust me.

When you get looked at like you’re crazy – I hate when this happens. I will be sitting down, reading my book and there is always that one person who just stares at me as if reading a book is the strangest thing you could do. It’s not by the way, I have seen much stranger things.

When “cool” people read its “cool” – I absolutely hate when this happens. A “popular” person in your class will start reading a book like Harry Potter and then suddenly being nerdy is “cool” and suddenly the whole class is reading Harry Potter for like half of a day. I think reading is cool, every other reader thinks its cool but these people do not unless one of their own starts reading.

When people say “reading is so stupid.” – Okay look…reading is not stupid, you are. I despise people who say this because even if you feel that way about reading you don’t need to tell that to someone who loves reading! It’s like going up to some person and saying you hate their shirt or shoes…its not cool.

When people say “I don’t read.” – This one annoys me so much. Ummm yes you do read, you just don’t try. I believe that everyone has a book out there that they love above all books, and when you find that one book it motivates you to read others. But most people either don’t look for that book or just don’t continue on reading…

That is all for this blog post and I relate so much to all of this and I think all of you readers will as well!

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