Lady Midnight Review!

I have recently finished Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and it was absolutely amazing, just as I thought it would, and now I will be discussing it in a review with you guys! Don’t worry if you have not read the book yet because this is a SPOILER FREE review but I would highly recommend picking the book up! Make sure you read her first two series before though because then you would get very confused…

Okay, so the main plot line of this book is that Emma Carstairs, a young Shadowhunter, is trying to figure out who murdered her parents 5 years ago. Everyone has told her it was Sebastian, who was the villain in Cassandra Clare’s previous books, but Emma has never believed that. We follow her journey along with her Parabatai, which is similar to a best friend, Julian Blackthorn and his family as they search for the murderer but it turns out to be a lot bigger than they thought.

One thing I really liked about this book is that we didn’t go through a lot of world building which usually slows some books down. The reason for that is because you need to read the previous series before this, and those books have all the world building done in it, we know all about Shadowhunters who are half human, half angel and fight demons. We know about the Clave who is the government of the Shadowhunters and just everything we need that is covered in this book.

Another thing I liked, no loved, was the characters and relationships. I pretty much loved every single character in this book, except for a certain handful…They were so relatable and you saw them as real people who had real problems. Ugh, the relationships though were heart breaking and cry worthy. Instead of a love triangle we have a jumbled up love octagon. Not only were the romantic relationships amazing but just the bonding over the cast of characters was so heart warming to read about.

I would highly recommend this book because it is such an fascinating read that I flew through and it will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions…sadness, happiness, betrayal, shock…almost every emotion possible but it is definitely worth it!!! That is all for my non spoilery review and I hope you liked it!

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