Shadowhunters Update!

So a few more episodes have been shown of Shadowhunters and I am happy with two of them which makes me very excited for what is coming with this TV show!

Episodes 5 and 7 are my favourites so far! I won’t go into full detail but the acting was so much better and in episode 5 we saw more of Alec which I thought was great since Matthew is an awesome actor! I would have to say episode 7 is my favourite so far just because the actors were really good and also the episode just flowed nicely. It didn’t feel rushed and I liked what happened and how they handled it! I also laughed quite a bit and even though Jace’s lines are weird, I still found myself liking the TV version of him more than I did in the beginning.

That was just a mini update on my feelings of the show and I would love to hear your opinion if you watch Shadowhunters!

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