Sick Day Book Recommendations!

If you haven’t noticed I have been absent on my blog for the past 4 days because I have been really sick…which means my days have been consumed by Netflix and sleeping. Apart from just watching Netflix and sleeping I also like reading a book or two so here is a list of a few feel good/easy reads for when you are sick!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell! I love this book because it such a cute, easy read that I fly through. I think anybody who reads it would like and it is perfect for those lazy, sick days. Fangirl is about a girl named Cath who is going into her first year of college and it is about her trying to fit in and figure out where she belongs.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell! Another cute and easy read that I love. The love story is heart warming and I can read it over and over…but I don’t want to over read it so I save it for ‘special’ occasions. It is about the two teenagers, Eleanor and Park and how they fall in love while battling their lives at home.

The Selection by Kiera Cass! The Selection is the first book in a trilogy that is about a girl named America who is entered in a selection to become the bride of Prince Maxon and the new Queen of Illea. This book is just such a fun read and yes some of the characters can be frustrating for some people it is still a great book.

Those are some of my recommendations and I hope you find yourself picking one of these up! Stay alert for a Fangirl non-spoiler review soon!

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