Reading Update

At the moment I am reading two books and they are Opal by Jennifer L Armentrout and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling. I am 226 pages into Opal which is 394 page book and I am absolutely hooked so far. Opal is the third book in the Lux series which I only picked up recently but have been flying through it. The Lux series is a paranormal YA book about a girl named Katy who moves next door to twin aliens, Daemon and Dee Black. The story follows her relationship with both of the twins with a ‘few’ bumps along the road. I highly recommend it and I just love it! I have also decided to read Harry Potter because why not? The series deserves a re read! I am 170 pages in but the book is 461 pages so I am not even close to half way but it is still as amazing as I remember. The third Harry Potter book follows young, 13 year old wizard, Harry Potter in his third year at Hogwarts while mass murderer, Sirius Black is on the loose and looking for Harry. When I was younger this was one of my least favourite books but now after re reading it I do not understand why because like all the other books I absolutely adore it! So happy to be re reading it again.

That is it for my reading update and I hope you all have a good day and I will be back tomorrow with a new blog 🙂 (P.S. Check out my last post where I talked about 5 books that deserve a re read!)

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