Shadowhunters Episodes 1-3 Talk

I would guess most of you Mortal Instrument fans, like myself have either heard about or are keeping up with Shadowhunters. Well, today I decided to discuss episodes 1-3 and this is a spoiler free review so anyone can read it 🙂

Okay, so since I first heard about Shadowhunters I was really excited because the Mortal Instruments is one of my all time favourite series but once I started watching the sneak peeks and trailers my expectations decreased dramatically. The first episode exceeded my very low expectations because it wasn’t terrible, I actually found it mildly entertaining but there was a lot things left out from the books that I think could have made the episode better. I personally feel like the characters are quite fitting to what I visualized while reading TMI but the acting…well in my opinion isn’t that good. The dialogue for the show is really poor and I feel like if they majorly fixed the dialogue so it isn’t so awkward it will satisfy a lot of people’s expectations.

So far I have to say my favourite character is Simon because Alberto is a really good actor and delivers Simon’s lines perfectly. He is the only character that can make me laugh. The other characters have lines that are intended to be funny as well but the only difference compared to Simon is that they are not funny or are just not said in a way to make people laugh *cough* Jace *cough*. This has been quite negative so far but I do really enjoy the fight scenes in Shadowhunters but apart from that I think Shadowhunters needs to step up their game…majorly.

This is just my personal opinion on the TV show and everyone is inquired to their own opinions. While I do think the Shadowhunters isn’t the greatest, I will still be watching it because it does entertain me and I have hopes for it still, just hopefully my hopes will come true but I think that is what everyone hopes. Anyway, leave your opinion below because I would love to see what you think of Shadowhunters so far!

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